Vintage Cool

Tonight I'm working late on a freelance graphic design project, but wanted to take a minute to share this awesome vintage photo which inspired a few designs lately. It was taken in the back garden of a speakeasy in Washington DC in 1921. I love it entirely: the composition and tree-filtered light, the brazen attitude, the awesome boozy tree-fort afternoon among friends.

Image available from Shorpy.com -- Please visit and buy a print!


Meegan (BlueMoonMama) said...

Love this photo! I can spend hours browsing through piles of vintage photos in antique shops. Each has a story to tell. Thanks for sharing this one!

BTW, I'm dropping in from Blogging Your Way. Looks like we're classmates and live in the same area of the world. Hope to get to know you through the course. It looks like a lot of fun!

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