White Space

White space. In my graphic design life, I'm always advocating, even fighting, for more of it. Everybody wants their message to shout, but why fill up every inch with words, colors, when you stand out more by creating balance, a place to rest? 

In interiors, all white is sometimes viewed as a missed opportunity, but I think it can easily be just the opposite. It allows the structure and light in a room to sing. Lacking color, juxtapositions of texture provide a surprising richness in detail, while the space remains calm and serene. You have room to breathe, to think. A room becomes a canvas on which you paint your life. The ceiling drifts on endlessly, there is a feeling of lightness and possibility.

Today, I bring you eye candy from my personal inspiration file -- with the caveat that it has been culled over time from favorite sites, and in my pre-blog life, I didn't save names with the images. I won't make a practice of posting without sourcing, but today, it's what I've got. Enjoy!



Poster Post: Gifts Edition

Admittedly, I have a 'thing' for screenprinted posters. Blame my day job as a graphic designer or the fact that I live in a rented house and cannot paint the walls, but I'm running out of wall space, and now I give them as gifts!

Here are some of my recent favorites (only one of which I already own) and the lucky recipients who might love them:

For the friend who always invites you to art openings:

For your too-cool indie rock friend's birthday:

For the bride who already has every conceivable household item:
Poster 3

Two for your honey:
Poster 4a Poster 4b

For a hostess gift or housewarming gift:

For your most-est fabulous-est girlfriend:
Poster 6

Here's custom one for someone truly unique (or perhaps "Do you like me?" for a secret crush?) You submit the question that goes on the one-of-a-kind print.
Poster 7

And lastly, a few for baby showers and kids:
poster 8b
Seen (or made) a great poster lately? Please share!

Sources: Lake Illustration, Threadless, VLLG, Lake Illustration (again), Sparkle Power, Roll and Tumble Press, HowFab, Frank Chimero, The Paper Tray, CreativeNeesh, SweetBeets


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at RueLaLa

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows there's a huge Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture and accessories sale going on this morning on RueLaLa.com. (If you don't know RueLaLa, it's an online sample sale site for fashion and home stuff). The sale's been going on about an hour and already some items are sold out, but there are GREAT deals to be had if you HURRY!