Hello, lovely World.

Designing a life.

As we begin, you'll need to know a few things. I spend days crafting graphic design, and nights studying interior design. I dress like a lady and curse like a sailor. I believe a perfect day includes a splurge on a truffle or cupcake. I love naps in the sunshine, killer stillettos, having my home full of laughter, farmer's market Saturdays, rocking out, cooking and Mojitos. I wonder if I'll ever reconcile the life I actually lead with the more glamorous one in my head. Internet is my drug of choice. 

I believe yoga is a perfect metaphor for both design and life:
You must begin and end all endeavors with quiet contemplation. You must put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable, and learn to overcome them to become strong. Act and move with intention. Constantly live on the cusp of what is comfortable, push the limit of your ability, and constantly try new things. Celebrate your success. When you fail, laugh at yourself and try again. Very few people get it right the first time. Don't force things. Bring focus to everything you do, and when things get really tough, just hang on and BREATHE. Sometimes, being upside down and backwards really IS exactly what you need. You will always find there is more strength and and wonder inside than you thought was there. Design makes sense to me in a way few other disciplines do, because design is an act of intention. It is about discipline, balance and tension. 

In creating the life I love, I keep the end in mind and try to live by the best design advice I ever heard: "Have nothing in your home you do not either know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." It doesn't matter what or whom specifically you find beautiful or meaningful, but it does matter that you intentionally surround yourself with them to live a joyful life. Elleby Design is a collection of things that bring me joy. I hope they bring you some too.