The Sketchbook Project

There are few things more exhilarating, intimidating, and overwhelming than a brand-spanking new sketchbook. 

I am presently sitting curled in my favorite chair, staring petrified at an 80-page Moleskine with my name on the cover, and a DEADLINE by which it must be filled.

Today, friends, I am thrilled to participate in the 2010 Art House Co-Op Sketchbook Project. Today, my brand new book arrived in the mail.
The Sketchbook Project: 2011

The idea is pretty simple, and VERY cool. Creative folks around the world pay to have a barcoded notebook sent to them, with one of 20 assigned theme topics ranging from "Dirigibles and submersibles" to "...... you'd be home by now." Each participant fills their sketchbook however they're inspired and returns it to the Co-Op. Next year, the Co-Op will take the entire collection of thousands of books on tour around the country, before logging them all into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library and making them available for public view. 

Can you imagine the magical countless hours you could spend exploring the finished collection?

Since signing up last week, my mind has been popping with ideas for my book -- the theme is "Boys and Girls" -- in quiet elevator moments and while parking my car. My brain's been going full tilt boogie writing high-school poetry and dreaming up glorious fun ways to fill this book. 

So right now, I'll take a moment of silence to enjoy the glorious emptiness, the blank possibility of what a sketchbook can become. I'll share it with you along the way. But in the meantime, don't you want to join the project, too? Sign up now!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that sounds so cool! I love sketchbooks and such too, and find it hard to start filling one. I might have to do this, but need to know more before I do. Hmmmm, Margie Oh, cute site, I got sidetracked! (:

Elleby said...

Hahaha. You should join me in the project -- I'd love to hear about your process.

Jen @ Opal Never Shouts said...

What an intimidating yet very neat project! Best of luck!

Elleby said...

Hi Jen, I love your blog and have been reading it frequently - thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

My sketchbook is winging its way to me as I write this post! I drew "Things Found On Restaurant Napkins". I already wrote down oodles of things while I was thinking of it. Can't wait to start. Have you started yours? Margie

dm designs said...

Elleby ~ It's so great to find a fellow Sketchbook Project 'go-er'... My boyfriend and I started ours last week... the theme: THIS IS NOT A SKETCHBOOK, and I hope to add some photos from mine to my blog soon! GOOD LUCK ~ I look forward to seeing your work!

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